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This Is the World’s #1 Favorite Pizza Topping, Data Says

This Is the World’s #1 Favorite Pizza Topping, Data Says

Because they’re such a hotly debated topic, we could write about pizza toppings every single day. When a video from a Minnesota-based pie shop recently went viral, we reported on the intriguing new trend of adding pickle slices to pizza. This year, we also learned that Americans—especially older ones—absolutely detest anchovies on their pie. Like the rest of the country, we also crave pepperoni—plain and simple. (RELATED: 7 New Fast-Food Chicken Sandwiches Everyone’s Talking About.)

But when it comes to global preferences, pepperoni no longer claims the top spot. In the latest pizza survey of note, Technomic polled thousands of consumers across 25 countries to determine the world’s favorite toppings, according to Restaurant Business. Two proteins—chicken and ham—tied for first place as the choice of 53% of participants. Second place went to pepperoni (43%), with bacon not far behind (41%) and salami as the next choice in line (34%).

And there were even more revelations about what pizza eaters around the world like to put on their pie, which may not jive with American tastes so much. Apparently, shrimp and tuna tied as the favorites of 29% of respondents, while other offbeat proteins included ground beef (32%), chorizo (23%), and duck (11%).

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