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Real Housewives Star Reveals the Two Foods She Stopped Eating to Lose 20 Pounds

Real Housewives Star Reveals the Two Foods She Stopped Eating to Lose 20 Pounds

Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kandi Burruss wasn’t immune to gaining weight in quarantine, but the singer-turned-reality star has undergone a major weight loss transformation, recently shedding 20 pounds—and she’s not done yet. After revealing on Instagram that she’d gained 20 pounds between May to September 2020, Burruss made it her mission to get healthier—and her plan to get into shape couldn’t be easier.

In fact, all it took was cutting two foods from her diet to kick off her incredible transformation. Read on to discover exactly what she did to spur her weight loss, and for more celebrity slimdowns, check out Shay Mitchell Shares the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner She Eats to Lose Weight.


She cut out bread.


In an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife, Burruss reveals that one of the main things she did to achieve her weight loss was cutting out bread. While she admits that doing so was half the battle when it came to losing 20 pounds since November, she also says she’s not done yet. “I’d like to lose 10 more,” says the star.

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She ditched dessert.


The other major food group Burruss cut out while dieting? Sugar.

“I stopped eating all sweets,” she explained. “I only drank water, no juices [or] anything.” While Burruss admits she’s since incorporated some sugar back into her diet, she says she’s taking a more moderate approach when it comes to satisfying her sweet tooth these days.

“I have started back eating sweets here and there but I’ve got to catch myself before I get out of whack,” she says.


She’s fasting.


Fasting has been touted as a weight-loss miracle by dietitians and those who’ve lost weight practicing it—and Burruss is a fan, too.

“I always do this prayer fast during the first month of the year,” says Burruss, noting that she decided to do the fast for two months this year to boost her slimdown efforts.

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She’s working out.


Burruss has made exercise an integral part of her routine during quarantine, thanks in no small part to her cousin Patrick, who works as a personal trainer.

“We are doing really good working out, because my cousin was staying with me at first and he’s a trainer,” she revealed to HollywoodLife in May 2020. The star has also been sharing her workout routine with fans via Instagram, posting adorable clips of herself running up her driveway and practicing push-ups and squats with her cousin and her 5-year-old son, Ace.

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